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Green CBD Gummies UK

you will definitely appreciate them if you like to indulge in sweets


What are green CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies compound the benefits of CBD Oil with sweet fruity candy. It contains premium Broad-Spectrum CBD to enjoy the benefits of other compounds present in the cannabis plant like: CBG, CBN and others.

Byolitic gummies are convenient and discrete. Containing 25MG of CBD per serving, it allows new users to understand their prefered dose.

Improved well-being starts with a single gummy; support your wellness with our delicious fruity gummies.

Where can you Buy CBD Gummies?

You can buy Byolitic green cbd Gummies only through our official website. It allows us to ensure you are getting only original products.


Enhanced calm effect


CBD Gummy contains potent Broad-Spectrum CBD sourced from high quality hemp


Packed in an ideal bottle, our gummies are discreetly and easy to use on the go


Tasty Fruit Fusion flavour offers a sweet and satisfying taste

USA Made

Made in the USA

Lab Tested

All our products go through rigorous lab tests before arriving at your doorsteps

The Ingredients of CBD Gummies

Our green cbd gummies are made with Broad-Spectrum CBD sourced from premium hemp.

Other ingredients include MCT Oil, Organic Tapioca syrup and clear gelatin. Check the product’s page for the full list of ingredients.

What makes Gummies so special?

Gummies are produced with Broad-Spectrum CBD, which contains other cannabinoids besides CBD for maximum benefits.

All green cbd Gummies contain a fixed 25mg of CBD per serving, ensuring that you take a precise amount of CBD.
Discreetly, delicious and beneficial, this is what gummies are all about.

You will be able to quickly and easily relieve fatigue, relax and fall asleep soundly, thereby fully restoring the spent strength.
In the morning you will feel cheerful, energetic and in a good mood!


CBD Gummies doesn’t create any high effect, as it contains zero THC

Our recommended dose is 1-2 gummies per day

All our products are legal in the UK

There are no negative effects recorded about CBD Gummy

CBD Gummies promotes a better emotional balance therefore it balances your mood while promoting a calm effect