Natural CBD+ Oil 3000mg in 30ml


Isolate CBD+ Oil 3000mg strength is our most powerful Cannabidiol formulation, to support a broad range of enhanced wellness benefits. Made with CBD Isolate, the purest and safest form.

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  • Plan BasedPlant Based
  • On - the - goOn-the-go
  • CalmCalm
  • Lab TestedLab Tested
  • FCT OilFCT Oil
  • cGMPcGMP
  • Marked DropperMarked Dropper

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Natural CBD+ Oil brings only benefits to you

Byolitic CBD+ Oil is sourced from Mother Nature’s best hemp that is naturally slow-grown in the lush American countryside. Our formulation is the product of an advanced research process.

The gentle taste means you can take orally or add to meals and drinks, with equal enjoyment.

Wellness enthusiasts are discovering that Cannabidiol can be an effective part of a daily health-centred routine that supports healthy mood balance:

  • Pain relief
  • Superior inflammatory function and fatigue recovery
  • Restores calm, balanced & healthy mood
  • Provides benefits for focus
  • Supports improved joint mobility & comfort
  • Helps promote sleep
  • Promotes healthy inflammatory function & recovery response

CBD Strengths and Dosages

3000mg CBD strenght and dosage

Milimeters (mL) lets you know the volume of your serving.

Milligrams (mg) are the CBD concentrated in the selected serving.

How to use?

how to use cbd oil?

Shake well before use, to ensure even distribution of ingredients.

Begin with half  dropper (0.5ml/49.9mg), in the morning or evening as preferred.

Apply liquid directly underneath your tongue and wait 60-90 seconds until fully absorbed.

You may swish remaining cbd oil in your mouth and swallow. Or, add into foods or meals and consume as normal.

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CBD Oil is designed for a powerful effect

Wash away daily stress and support improved mental and physical balance for overall wellness. 3000mg is the ideal dose if you are an experienced user and want to enjoy maximum benefits. Our formula includes CBD Oil, a popular dietary supplement that is used to support: healthy,  hairskin, neuro-cognitive function.

All-in-one wellness support is rare, however our high quality ingredients and formulation allow for easy, rapid absorption, and maximum bioavailability.

Our CBD+ oil drops are grown and mined in the USA and meets the highest standards and fully complies with state laws – for complete peace of mind when it comes to quality and safety.

Using extraction from a whole plant means that we filter out all unnatural substances to maximize the concentration of CBD, with a guaranteed 0% THC. And each product is tested for certified quality by a third-party laboratory every time.

Daily use supports a wellness-based lifestyle that helps you get the most enjoyment and satisfaction from life. Make CBD-supported wellness a central part of your lifestyle and gain support for better sleep, relief from pain symptoms, enhanced calm, and better recovery from fatigue and exertion.

  • Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • Organic CBD
  • 0.0% THC
  • Natural Flavour

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