What does CBD help with – 5 ways

What does CBD help with


If you thought until now that CBD is only beneficial for sick people, you would be surprised. In addition to relieving patients who face all sorts of severe conditions, cannabinoid supplements, such as hemp oil, are also suitable for a group of extremely healthy people: athletes!

What effects does CBD oil have on fitness and recovery time we will see in this article.


A pervasive thing among athletes is the swelling of muscles, joints and tendons, especially for people involved in contact sports such as football, hockey and rugby. Performance athletes are familiar with this type of discomfort.

For the most part, this is related to the tendons’ inflammation, due to overuse and overload of the body, which causes pain and limited movement in the joints. For this type of injury, healing may take a long time, even if you let the area rest. This isn’t very pleasant if you want to continue training. But CBD can help. First of all, it is known that the substance has strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Consequently, cannabidiol (CBD) helps soothe inflamed tissue, decreases swelling, and helps recover swollen joints, muscles and tendons faster. In case of swelling and inflammation, we received the best feedback from customers who tried Byolitic Cooling Rub.


There are two types of pain in sports. The first is the “good pain”, the one that almost regularly suffers from high-performance athletes. If you challenge your body and push it beyond your limits every day – you will feel pain not necessarily during training, but after. In the gym, it is often said: “Without pain, there is no gain”, and considering the growth of muscles, you will always feel pain.

The other type of pain is not so right and is often caused by wear and tear or nerve damage in more severe cases. Because, to be honest, sometimes the mind wants to go beyond what the body allows. And instead of choosing powerful drugs, such as opiates or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, to fight this type of pain, why not try CBD?

Research demonstrates the analgesic properties of cannabinoids such as cannabidiol – the main ingredient in CBD oil. It provides a natural and safe sedative to be used against muscle aches, nerve pain and other sports-related pain. Moreover, it is known that the substance effectively repairs nerve damage in the brain and body.


Another benefit of hemp oil for athletes is the rapid recovery of broken bones and tendons. According to a study published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral research, CBD, when used correctly, can speed up the recovery of bone fractures and help bones heal faster.

Moreover, the study showed that the recovered parts were less likely to break again due to cannabinoid treatment. One of the reasons for this phenomenon is that CBD oil inhibits the G55 protein-bound receptor. Excessive stimulation of this receptor can cause weaker bones and even accelerate osteoporosis development, but CBD prevents this and increases bone density.


Organic cannabinoids can also help you improve your sleep quality. Sleep and rest are essential for muscle recovery and energy recovery, so athletes must get enough sleep. While you sleep, your body’s cells are recycled, and a wide range of hormones are released to help restore and grow muscles.

Logically, a lack of adequate sleep will interrupt these processes and inhibit the body’s natural recovery. CBD oil may not help regulate the external factors that prevent you from falling asleep or waking up at night, but it seems to be effective in treating most of the internal factors that cause insomnia.


Logically, better rest and a faster recovery will help you perform in training and during competitions, as you have more energy and therefore can concentrate better.

Organic matter has an impact on your concentration and performance in another way: by improving brain function. It helps restore damaged brain cells and ensures that the processes that regulate the brain are in balance.

Moreover, faster recovery with CBD means that you will train more often in the same amount of time as usual. Since you have fewer “downtime” to restore your body, besides, shorter recovery times mean you can start training earlier. And, in general, more training means better performance!

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