Does CBD make you hungry?

Does CBD make you hungry
[vc_row][vc_column responsive_css=”padding_right_large:180px|padding_left_large:180px|padding_right_medium:100px|padding_left_medium:100px”][vc_column_text]CBD oil has become mainstream in the last few years. It represents a widely accepted and popular product in the wellness industry. It is essential to point that people are trying CBD mainly because it is a safe and organic alternative to standard supplements.

Does CBD products have any effects over hunger?

Does CBD products have any effects over hunger-

CBD oil is different from the products one will find in regular pharmacies, as it is being derived directly from natural plants. It comes without any adverse side effects and with zero THC so that customers can enjoy its benefits without getting the high effect.

Although CBD oil is a highly researched supplement, many customers are uncertain whether they should start using it, due to some of the rumours appeared in the media which claim that makes consumers hungry. To understand if this CBD product has any effects over hunger continue reading the following article.


cbd and thc

Many people tend to consider that CBD and THC are the same. However, it is important to point that CBD and THC are two different compounds.

When interacting with our cannabinoid receptors that are located in the brain, these compounds directly affect our focus, sleep and the way we manage pain.

Before understanding the key differences between CBD and THC it is important to note that CBD represents a completely non-intoxicating compound that doesn’t offer any high sensation like THC.

Due to the fact, these compounds are entirely different; they also have different effects on our body. CBD’s effect on appetite is unrelated to the ones of THC.

The way CBD and THC impact our Appetite:

THC represents a psychoactive compound and it makes consumers hungry. It is mainly due to the fact it interacts and activates the CB1 receptors that are located in our Endocannabinoid system, activating these receptors causes the hunger feeling.

Although CBD interacts differently with our body, it still might make you want to eat, however it will not give you the hunger effect, as it suppresses the appetite by alienating the CB1 receptors.

Will CBD boost my Appetite?

If you are among many people looking for supplements to improve your appetite, then CBD could be the best choice. As we stated before, both CBD and THC have different influences over ones appetite.

While THC makes you hungry due to CB1 receptors, CBD promotes a healthy and balanced appetite that improves your overall health, so in case you have any illnesses related to appetite, and want to improve your appetite than CBD products are made for you.

CBD oil for weight loss : Does it help?

According to some research, CBD oil can support weight loss; however, further research is required to support these claims. Although we require further research, it is important to point out that CBD goes opposed to the CB1 receptor, meaning it can help you lose weight by having a controlled appetite.

Studies usually associate CBD with weight loss due to the fact it modifies several types of body fat. It is widely known that our body contains both good and bad types of fat, although the good one interacts directly with skin making it look healthier and more firm, the negative types of fat creates insulation, and therefore it can cause several health related problems. What CBD actually does, it transforms the bad fat into good one.

In conclusion, we must point out that while CBD doesn’t directly impact our body’s weight, it offers several ways to control weight gain.

Will CBD Oil help me achieve my Fitness Goals?

cbd and fitness

It has been claimed that CBD oil offers several benefits that help someone achieve their Fitness Goals. It has a direct impact over workout, by relaxing the blood vessels and improving the flow of blood that goes towards muscles, as a results it allows to stay more active without having the feel of feeling tired.

CBD oil can also help with any pains cause by workouts, as it offers several anti-inflammatory properties.

It is also important to point out that every time we workout, our body deserves a good night’s sleep to recover fast. CBD oil can help as it offers several benefits toward a good night sleep.

Who should take CBD oil and Why?

When talking about CBD oil, the main question is who are the primary users.

Since CBD oil represents a supplement that help people reduce inflammation, it is taken by consumers with several health problems that look to reduce symptoms caused by several diseases.

It also represents a supplement that can be taken by anyone who wants to live a healthier and more fulfilled life.


In conclusion, we would like to point out that CBD will not cause any hungry. More than this, it will help you to transform bad fat into positive ones, it will also improve your workout routines by both helping you stay more active and to recover faster.

If you require more information on how CBD oil will affect your appetite don’t hesitate to send us a message to seek advice from our experts.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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