How to get rid of muscle cramps

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Some of the common causes of muscle cramps can be:


-Overuse of muscle

-Holding a position for a prolonged period

-Lack of calcium & potassium

-Low blood supply to body parts

-Spinal nerve compression


But in some cases, you should consult your doctor if your muscle cramps are severe, don’t improve with stretching and persist for a longer duration.

5 Top tips to get rid of muscle cramps

Muscle cramps can interrupt your sleep, so it’s no surprise when pain and discomfort appear; it can feel challenging to take on the day with total energy. So here are some tips to relieve your pain.

There are numerous benefits of regular stretching. Not only it can enhance your flexibility and improve body posture, but it also reduces body aches. Stretching can heal the tightened muscles while therefore decreasing your risk for muscle strain. It is the best way to get immediate relief.

After stretching the cramped muscle, you should gently rub and massage it to help it relax. It increases the circulation in the tissues, providing a rush of new fluid to bathe and relax the tensed muscle. Simply by using your hands, gently massage the muscles to loosen them up.

Applying heat soon after the muscle cramps can help soothe the pain. Using a warm towel or heating pad directly to the tense muscle can relieve the pain. Alternatively, taking a warm bath or steaming a hot shower onto cramped muscle can also help.

It is when you breathe harder and faster than the regular breathing rate. If you have anxiety, then it may not be a good option for you. However, a 2016 review article on muscle cramp elaborated an observational study with participants who used 20 to 30 breaths per minute to break down exercise-related cramps.

Over-the-counter, pain-relieving creams may help to soothe the pain. Ease your cramped muscle with our unique, high-quality Byolitic CBD pain relief rub, which will relieve your pain and quench your dehydrated skin. Our plant-based rub consists of nature-made ingredients like lavender, MCT oil, CBD oil and peppermint oil for providing a cooling effect to your tensed muscle.

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