Work from home stress – How to handle

How to handle work from home stress


How to handle work from home stress? While professional tools like Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, and other video calling apps can help with isolation, they can be exhausting sometimes, taking off the real you. Unlike in-person meetings, you can create moments, feel more focused and present, and take micro-breaks with other colleagues. We all are going through this stressful situation, and there’s no shame to communicate your stress with others.

Stay connected with family, friends, and support systems. Talk about your fears and concerns with others whom you trust, and chances are they may be feeling the same, and together, you may find a way out.


It’s important to have peaceful work set up. Think, what kept you productive at the office? The work environment is the definite answer. So, why not recreate that set-up for yourself at home and visualize it as reality. Invest in creating comfortable and suitable vibe office space. Not only it is valuable for your work life, but it can also be your haven when you want to some just time with yourself to enhance your creativity.


Various researches across the world explain that the individual’s maximum attention span is 40-45 minutes. However, the results vary; some suggest a 20-minute concentration while few revealed 90 minutes as a threshold. Therefore, it essential to take at least 10 minutes.

However, not extending the break further to break the workflow. Always keep yourself hydrated, don’t eat junk food, have a fitness routine, and have better work from home experience.


Taking CBD can be very effective, natural and safe to reduce strain. All thanks to the legalisation of hemp, which led to an increase in the popularity of CBD, making it easy to find high quality CBD products in various forms, however you like. It’s a great option, as it power-up our endocannabinoid system. It activates multiple pathways in our body to elicit feelings of relaxation and calming your mood.

  • It’s suitable for Anxiety and Insomnia
  • It is anti-inflammatory
  • It manages chronic pain
  • It improves the circulatory system
  • It is anti-seizure

CBD products consist of CBD compound extracted from the cannabis plant hemp and then blended with a carrier oil (like MCT oil) or food product. There are various products from creams and salvesoils to CBD edibles and gummies.

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